R&G Gleam Wet Chain Lube 500ml

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R&G Gleam Wet Chain Lube 500ml (RGGLEAM9)

R&G Wet Chain Lube provides the ultimate protection for your chain in the harshest conditions imaginable. Our super sticky formula penetrates deep into the chain links offering extreme lubrication no matter how wet the ride. For easy removal after your ride, use R&G Nano Bike Wash and Chain Cleaner. 

  • O, X and Z - Ring Chain compatible. 
  • Non-drying. 
  • On and off-road use, 
  • Non-fling. 


  1. Fully degrease chain using R&G Chain Cleaner.  
  2. Shake the can well. 
  3. Apply generously, ensuring all parts of the chain are covered.  

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