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Denali DR1 Snap On Lenses

Denali DR1 Snap-on Filters available including wide beam, spot beam in amber & clear or alternatively blackout protective lenses
As low as £27.48

Denali Snap-on Filters modifies the light pattern for increased visibility and prolongs the lifespan of the light.

This set of Snap-on Flood Beam filters take the standard spot beam of the Denali DR1 and the beam is widened in all directions therefore enabling the ultimate spread of light. Denali Snap-on Spot Beam filters modify the beam pattern maintaining the long distance. Spot Pattern that comes standard in the Denali DR1. It creates a horizontal beam for the desired ultimate width without sacrificing vertical coverage.

Denali Snap-On Black out Covers keep your bike street legal in areas that require aftermarket lighting to be covered on public roads.

When you arrive at the trails, snap the covers off of your Denali DR1 lights and go.

The Amber Snap-On Filters increase visibility in dense fog and heavy rain by blocking blue frequencies from the light, which reflect off water vapour and decrease vision. The fog lights are easy to convert too.

The rugged shatterproof Poly-Carbonate construction of the Snap-On Covers also protect from rocks, grit and other debris which provide a much longer lifespan to your Denali DR1 lights therefore increasing the overall longevity.

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