Why Opt for our Professional Installation Service

Denali Electronics are the leading solution for light and sound accessories for your motorcycle. Being the leading brand you can expect the highest quality product with a 5 year back warranty.

Installation and integration of these accessories with your motorcycle takes a lot of time, knowledge and skill.

Due to this we now offer a complete installation service across the entirety of the UK and Europe for all products that we sell.

By opting to use our professional installation service not only do we provide complete warranty protection of the product and installation, but also peace of mind.

We can offer installation for any bike located anywhere in the UK and also to any location in the rest of the world. Dependent on your needs and requirements we are also able to arrange a fully insured collection of your vehicle to be transported directly to our UK Installation facility where we will work our magic before returning your bike back to you.

In short there is no project too big or too small for us to handle and we can also install other accessories for you such as the INNOV camera systems and more .

As part of our innovation program we are now offering telephone advice and virtual installations so we can talk you through a self installation step by step, screw by screw. This is done via video link and means you have live technical support available throughout the installation process.

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  • Auxiliary Lighting
  • Brakes and Indicators
  • Accessory Control
  • Soundbombs