UK DenaliShop Updates

Website Updates

Over the course of the next few weeks the website is being drastically updated and changed with new features to make your viewing and shopping experience second to none. 

Some of the new features are as follows but there are more in the pipeline than we are able to list:

  1. Shop By Bike - Filter all of our products so only items specifically for your bike are shown
  2. Product Customisations  - Customise fully our bundle deals so you can create the perfect kit for your bike and make huge savings in the process
  3. New User Interface - Making shopping and checkout a much smoother experience
  4. Telephone Payment for Orders - You will beable to checkout online and place your order securely over the telephone with our new automated service or with a staff member
  5. Gift Wrapping - Get your order gift wrapped for that ultimate surprise
  6. Custom Orders - You will beable to request custom features for products ordered such as a non standard light mount, colour changes
  7. Pre-installation of addon products - Buying multiple items such as lights and lens's, you will be-able to request these are pre-installed to save you time when your delivery arrives.
  8. Installation Service & Courier Updates - More information to follow below

Installation Service

We are now able to offer different levels of installlation services for the UK Maninland and International Customers which will be available to request on checkout.

Pre Delivery Installation

This is ideal for customers who are buying several different items that complement each other such as ordering a D4 light kit, Amber Lens Kit, Hi-Low-Off Swtich with dual intensity controller.

If you as the customer want pre-delivery installation we will setup your order by installing the amber lens kit, switiches and controllers so the product is ready to go on arrival straight on your bike. The other items dont worry - we will also pop any products changed into your package so you will still have everything available to change at a later date or spares for another project

UK Installation

No matter what the product, we understand better than no-one else how to install our items perfectly onto your bike. No mess, no fuss! Despite making our products as simple as possible to install, we understand that alot of our customers may not have the time, skill or expertise to intergrate their new accessories on their bike.

Due to this we are now going to be offering a full installation service of each and every product to anyone that needs our help all over the UK including scotland, ireland and outer islands.

Non UK Installations

There are not many places that can offer a global installation service. The same, exceptional installation service we offer in the UK is also being offered to any EU and Non-EU country.

The option to request this installation will be available on checkout

New Courier's - Including Same Day Delivery

Due to exceptionally high demand we have listened to our customers and are introducing new shipping couriers for the UK and International orders

We are also introducing same day delivery for the UK! Something no-one else can offer!

Order your item today, and get it today what better service could you ask for

More to come

Keep an eye on our website for new upcoming features and release's including our new social media platforms and more!

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